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How to Sell the Undivided Interest in Farms & Land

Since 1977, Landowners have trusted our team to advise & help sell fractional ownership farmland.

What’s your challenge? We’re here to help.

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3 Best Practices for Selling Undivided Interests in Real Estate

How Successful Landowners Value & Sell Fractional Ownership Interests

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Helping Tenants in Common Sell Undivided Land

More Land Value. Since 1977.


  • Landowner Goals

  • Value & Valuation Discounts

  • Tenants in Common

  • Property Law & Partitions

  • Next Steps

  • Landowner Goals

    Together, we start with your goals & the unique features of your farm, land or ranch.

    It’s important that we start with your short term and long term goals in mind. From there we formulate valuations, potential routes to sale, and we transparently discuss the challenges or roadblocks that may occur along the way. Some of the way we advise & guild landowners include:

    • Analyze current fair market value
    • Timing & Method of Sale
    • Price Per Acre / Discounts (if any)
    • Formal Appraiser & Appraisals may be required
    • Transferring Farmland to Heirs
    • Planning for a Future Farmland Sale
    • Maximizing Returns

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  • Value & Valuation Discounts

    Be aware that it is common to apply a discount on the value or price per acre when you sell an undivided interest in property.

    Whether it’s a formal appraisal of the real estate, market analysis or broker price opinion, one of the best pieces of advice we can give to tenants in common is that we order & prepare more than one independent value or appraisal on the real estate. Often times family members or business partners have different opinions on the value of the assets and by formulating an average of multiple appraisals, we can take steps forward toward the successful sale of the property. 

    Types of Valuations & Discounts

    • Formal Appraisal / Licensed Appraiser
    • Market Analysis
    • Broker Price Opinion (BPO)
    • Comparative Acreage | Soil Types, Tillable vs. Non Tillable Acres
    • Improvements such as Grain Bins, Homes, or Buildings/Structures

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  • Tenants in Common

    Definition & Example of Tenancy in Common“An estate held by two or more persons, each of whom has an undivided interest”.


    Tenants in common is ownership of real estate property such as farmland, between two or more people. Each of the owners owns a percentage of the property, called an undivided interest. An undivided interest means that each tenant in common owns a part of the property but there is no way to identify which part he or she owns.


    Tenants in common ownership challenges include: A joint tenancy could be simpler and owners may not have to work out shares or shared percentages. If a co owner (one of the tenants in common) dies and they do not have a will in place, it’s possible that the property will go through the probate process. Probate can be both costly and may take a significant amount of time. This could mean that heirs, children, siblings or other family members may not receive an inheritance in a timely manner.

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  • Property Law & Partitions

    How Can I divide or get clear title or deed to an undivided interest?

    Typically referred to as a partition, there are two methods. In some examples, we have helped landowners successfully agree to a “voluntary partition” whereby we help determine a fair division of a property, survey the acres as agreed upon, then exchange deeds. As a result, each family member or landowner owns an agreed upon portion of the property and ceases to hold an undivided interest in the whole.

    Key Factors & Strategy for a Partition of Farmland

    • Acres
    • Productivity
    • Tillable vs. Non Tillable
    • Fair & Equitable Split
    • Often requires a Survey

    Example of a voluntary partition of Indiana farmland:

    Jane & John, brother and sister, own equal undivided interests in 160 acres of farmland they inherited from their parents estate.

    John wants to sell, Jane wants to keep her 50% interest in the farm. Jane is not interested in buying our John’s undivided interest. Our team works with all landowners, and the farmer tenant to determine a fair split and share of the acres. Based on drainage, productivity, soils, ability to cleanly survey, etc.

    • Jane and John agree (in this case) that Jane shall retain 80.00 surveyed acres, and John shall retain 80.00 surveyed acres.
    • The Farm has road frontage on only the North end
    • We survey the farm into two (2) equal tracts, a West 80 Acres and an East 80 Acres
    • John can now sell his 80 acres on the open market though auction, listing, or private treaty method.


    Involuntary Partition or Forced/ Court Order Partition

    Often the last resort, if we are unable to get all parties to agree to a price per acre to sell the undivided interest or a voluntary partition strategy. In the absence of some sort of exception , a co-owner cannot be forced to remain a co-owner if that is not what they want. If the other co-owners of the farm are unwilling to sell or buy out your undivided interest in the real estate for a price that is acceptable to you, forcing the sale of jointly owned property through a type of lawsuit known as a partition action is an option.

    Keep in mind that we are not attorneys, and this is not to be construed as legal advise. We recommend that as we start the process, you consult with an attorney if an involuntary partition is the only path toward the sale of your interest in the farm.

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  • Next Steps

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    Since 1977, we’ve listened, advised, and guided landowners in the best steps and successful sale of their undivided interests in farmland across Indiana and Illinois. We know how to make a difference when it come to:

    • Fresh Perspective
    • Simplifying the Process
    • Peace of Mind
    • Fair Price & Value of Your Assets
    • and more

    Local Service.
    Local Expertise.

    More Land Value. Since 1977.

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Selling Farmland You've Inherited With Siblings

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Proven Track Record. Experience & Expertise.

Since 1977, our full-time team of advisors and brokers has worked with family farms, heirs, trustees, and real estate attorneys to listen, advise, and guide you through the process of selling your undivided interest in farmland.

  • Understanding & Aligning with Your Goals
  • Gaining the Perspective of all Parties
  • Formulating Solutions & Options for the Sale
  • Determining Value & Price Per Acre
  • Peace of Mind

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What Our Clients Say

We knew we could trust Geswein Farm & Land

We have known Geswein Farm & Land for many years and knew we could trust them to handle such a large transaction for us. We were quite surprised when our family farm sold very quickly for a very fair price in today’s market.

Leuck Family

102 Acres

We highly recommend their services to sellers.

Working with Johnny was a real pleasure. He was knowledgeable, respectful, proactive when things began to happen quickly and thorough when we worked towards and ultimately through closing. My sisters and I appreciated his gentle heart towards us in light of the circumstances of our sale. He kept in close contact with us from the onset right through to the day we closed. He has even checked in a few times since then to see how we are doing. We highly recommend his services to a potential seller (or buyer for that matter!)

Johnson Family

80 Acres

Consummate Professionals, Excellent & Timely communicators.

They know the farming culture in Indiana, had interested buyers in hand from the beginning, helped us understand how to value our land. Found buyer who cares about land stewardship, which is important to us. We were pleased with the agreed upon price and the expedited closing. They also handled related details such as the farm survey flawlessly. We recommend Geswein Farm and Land Real Estate without reservation. Would use them again in a minute.

Abolt Family

326 Acres

Good Listeners & Proactive Communicator.

My family sold some property and was looking to do a 1031 exchange and Johnny was one of the people we called. He was super responsive and easy to work with. Johnny is a good listener, proactive communicator, and very consultative. Even after we closed on the farm property, Johnny was available to answer our questions and introduce us to the neighbors. If you are looking to purchase a farm, I highly recommend you give Geswein Farm & Land Realty a call. You will be glad you did!

S. Gutwein Family

96 Acres

The Best team in the industry.

My family had been working with Geswein team for over a year to help us find perfect paradise. It is ALWAYS good to work with the BIGGEST and BEST team in the industry, we probably would not have found the property we did without the help of Geswein Farm & Land. Very happy with Johnny Klemme and the work that he put forth the find the right property for us.

Rohrman Family

140 Acres

We appreciated that they were always honest and didn’t pressure us

We worked with Geswein Farm & Land when searching for and finally purchasing our first property. They were always available to answer our frequent questions and take us on tours of the two parcels we were considering. As nervous first-time buyers, we appreciated that they were always honest and didn’t pressure us. We had been looking for land in the area for many months and had a few bad experiences with other sellers/agents, so it was refreshing to find Johnny and have a smooth process. I’d recommend Geswein to anyone looking for land in the Greater Lafayette area.

Claire & Mike Smith

They go above & beyond.

We tell anyone looking to buy or sell land real estate to hire Geswein Farm & Land. They understand the needs of the client and go above and beyond what is expected of them. We cannot thank Johnny enough for all the work he put into the sale and subsequent purchase of farm real estate for our family.

Linder Family

90 Acres

Knowledgeable, Experienced and Reliable.

I have worked with Geswein Farm & Land when I was buying and also when I was selling land. And I will continue to do so because they are knowledgeable, experienced and reliable. They do not charge excessive fees. I recommend them as a land broker.

S. Lemaster

177 Acres

Sure glad we had Geswein Farm & Land

Our family is sure glad we had Geswein Farm & Land handle the sale of our family farm.

R. Happ Family

159 Acres

Working with Johnny at Geswein Farm & Land was great! No stress!

He answered all questions and gave very good advice. Additionally, he worked very hard to get us the best deal possible and sent us weekly updates. All in all, a very pleasant experience.

Brown Family

62 Acres

We highly recommend Geswein Farm & Land for selling your property!

When it came time to sell our family farm land, we contacted Geswein who came highly recommended. They found buyers for the tillable farm land and wooded property in a timely manner & kept us informed throughout the entire process. We cannot begin to thank their team enough for all their help.

Marron & Voytek Family

145 Acres

We highly recommend Geswein Farm & Land

They are consummate professionals & quickly found buyers who offered a no-contingency, full-price offer, and facilitated the sale by keeping communication open between buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals. They are most knowledgeable farm and land real estate brokers I have ever worked with and ALWAYS available to answer questions and offer help. Selling a family property that has been the focal point for 45 years is not an easy endeavor, but they helped us through all the technicalities: financial, logistical, and even emotional. Their knowledge of real estate – and perhaps equally importantly, their sensitivity to people’s memories and experiences – make them an outstanding listing agent. We highly recommend Geswein Farm & Land.

Benson Family

144 Acres


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