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Geswein Farm & Land Values Group sponsors Big Soil Health Event


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Geswein Farm & Land Values Group is proud to sponsor the Big Soil Health Event, which will be held on Dec. 6 – 7, 2021 at the Riverside Casino in Riverside, Iowa. The event will bring together farmers, rural landowners and agriculture industry members for two days of soil health education. The event will incorporate boots-on-the-ground training for newer farmers and early adopters of regenerative agriculture and provide additional soil health adoption strategies for landowners and industry professionals interested in boosting soil health on their acreage.


“We’re excited to be part of this and future Big Soil Health Events,” says Johnny Klemme, co-owner of Geswein Farm & Land Values Group. “Our clients are farmers and landowners who believe in enriching the value of their land assets long term. These sustainable farm management practices are the foundation of which stewardship and generational planning take place. Events like these allow landowners and farmers to make educated decisions on the farm today that ensure the integrity of land investments for the next generation.”


Featured speakers include soil health “OG” Rick Clark, Mitchell Hora of Continuum Ag & co-host of the Field Work podcast, soil health pioneer Dave Brandt, soil scientist Dr. Liz Haney and many more.



“We are excited to host the first Big Soil Health Event in Iowa,” says Dr. Liz Haney, co-founder of Soil Regen. “Our goal is to initiate meaningful discussions between landowners, farmers and the ag industry to further the adoption of soil health practices and regenerative farming.  Regenerative farmers utilize cover crops, no-till and reduce inputs like fertilizer and herbicides. This directly impacts water quality (fewer nitrates, phosphorus, and sediment in our waters), wildlife (increased plant diversity improves wildlife habitat), and ecosystem health, which in turn, benefits the communities of Iowa.”


To register, visit https://www.agsoilregen.com/event-info/.


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